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Thanks for getting back to me so quickly...  All is well & we are happy with the handles.  We will probably order more from you next


Oren Y.


My first order was for 2 handles, and I was pleased with it.


Now I am ordering for the rest of my kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Claudia M


I went ahead and ordered the nickel arch handles for the rest of my kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

They are so easy to install!

I didn't want to go through the hassle of measuring and drilling.

These were perfect and look great!


New Jersey

I only ordered 10 Arch handles, but I will be ordering about 12 more to complete the kitchen. Just wanted to see how the family liked them.


Thanks again for your great product.



We recently moved into a new apartment and the cabinets are beautiful, but have no handles or knobs. Since we are renting, we didn't want to drill to install knobs, so I googled "cabinet hardware no drilling" and your site came up. I can't wait to get the handles, they will be so much better than the spatula I've been using to pry them open!  -Andrea 



I just spoke with my mom & she is thrilled with the EZ slide pulls! The maintenance supervisor installed them for her this morning. 
Her comment: "Now I won't break my fingers trying to open my cabinets". 

This is a great product - kudos to you for the invention!

Ruby P.



I just put in new cabinets and u don't want to drill holes in them.


I installed a pull out trash can to one of my base cabinets and I want a pull so we don't have to use the corner of door to open.


I found your web site by typing in "no drill kitchen cabinet door pulls"


...excited about getting this and trying it...thanks alot!!!




I am renting this place and wasn't sure if owners would let me install knobs, so this is perfect solution for now!



Vesta Delores


“I was always breaking my fingernails when opening my cupboard doors, since I didn’t have handles on them.  


So, I spent $169.00 on screw-on handles, (plus labor for installing) and still wasn’t able to finish the whole project.  


When I saw your product, I thought it would be perfect to get my job finished in the laundry room.  


I have arthritis and your handles are easy to slide on to install.” 

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