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In 2004, I moved into a beautiful home, but the cabinets didn't have handles.  Seeing a need for easy-to-install cabinet hardware, but not finding any product on the market except the typical kind requiring using a drill and screws.   Well, I didn't want to measure and drill.  So, began the invention of

EZ Slide Cabinet Hardware (including handles, knobs, pulls and fasteners).   To patent the idea, the designs engineered for the slide on handles to adhere to the cabinet door or drawer by tension.


We have over 16 products, some for economy made with recycled plastic. Others are made in the USA with recycled aluminum for strength and beauty.  To shop and order, click on the "Shop" tab at the top of this Home Page. 

Once there, click on the product you want, add to your shopping cart and check out using PayPal.  Our goal is to ship your order within 48 hours.  Often times buyers receive their product within 2 business days by the US Postal Service.


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