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Instructional Videos: Knobs and Converter Fasteners (no drill)

See Videos above for "How To Install"   It's easy to install Converter Fasteners to attach  knobs and handles! 

  • Our Converter Fasteners will slide and and stay affixed with tension to your typical cabinetry widths of 3/8 - 5/8 inch thick.   No drilling is needed.  
  • The Converter Fastener has screw already embedded.  This allows you to twist a knob right onto the screw.  See video.  
  • No additional tools needed. No drilling. In seconds, you can install handles yourself.  


*** No drilling required.  Converter Fasteners are made with recycled aluminum and

*** Made in the USA.


These work with any typical knob found at hardware stores.  You may quickly buy the knobs at hardware stores, or if you would like a quote on knobs from us, please ask, but allow additional time for shipment of knobs and pulls.

Any questions:  Phone or text: 845-419-1417.


We do have some single knobs available to buy along with the Converter Fasteners. (See this online link)


We also do have some typical pulls available to buy.  Each pull will be sold with 2 Converter Fasteners.  Pulls have 2 thread screw receivers, so 2 Converter Fastener are needed per pull.  

Any questions and/or for pricing:  Phone or text. 845-419-1417


**Woman Owned Business

Instructional Videos: Knobs and Converter Fasteners (no drill)

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