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This will be a prepaid order, where you can choose your color or finish of 48 Handcrafted Cup Pulls.  


  • The photos above show the handcrafted cup pulls unpainted.  You can choose your color or finish.  For ideas of colors/finishes see
  • The popular handcrafted cup pull is formed with recycled aluminum allowing a strong, durable, No-Drilling handle.
  • Slides on in seconds, and remains affixed to due to its unique design. Compatible with most conventional cabinetry widths of 3/8 to 5/8 inch.
  • Designed & Manufactured in USA.


  • * PREPAID order.  *All Sales Final. Returns Unavailable.*

Call or text to get estimate for time to painting and shipment. (845)-419-1417


Customers in the past have chosen finishes such as:  Nickel, Bronze, Black, White, Red, and more.   Options are unlimited for your satisfaction.  For ideas of colors/finishes see

48 - Handcrafted Cup Pull Slide-On (Choose your Color)

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