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It's easy to install the bronze braid knob and Converter Fastener. 


  • The Converter Fastener will slide on and and stay affixed with tension to your typical cabinetry widths of 3/8 - 5/8 inch thick.   No drilling is needed.  
  • The Converter Fastener has a screw already embedded.  This allows you to twist the bronze braid right onto the screw.  
  • Note video: Video shows round knob being installed, but bronze braid knob will be shipped product, along with Converter Fastener.   No additional tools needed. No drilling. In seconds, you can install yourself.  


****No drilling.  Converter Fasteners are made with recycled aluminum and Made in the USA.


Any questions:  Phone or text: 845-419-1417. 

Cabinet knob will be sold with 2 bronze Converter Fasteners included.


**Woman Owned Business


If more cabinet knobs are needed, possibly search online for "bronze braid round knob" at www.BedBath&

Bronze Braid Round Knob and Converter Fastener (no drill)

Different Finishes: Bronze
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